Native Art and Culture

Learn about the culture and traditions of the Native Americans and First Nations who had been the guardians of natural beauty as well as the wildlife and plant life of North America. 
Through their eyes, their stories, their artisans and their culture discover ancestral pueblos and craft.  Get another perspective on the North American Continent.

Our Favorite Experiences

Discover Navajo heritage

With your Utah’s Native American Navajo guide, you will understand the culture and history of the Navajo people.  You can simply explore the slot canyons and Monument Valley Tribal Park or experience a storytelling session and ritual dances by the fire.

Pottery Lesson in Taos Pueblo

While there are many women artists from Taos Pueblo, it seemed fitting to introduce those who work in this ancient medium. Your teacher descends from a lineage of potters.

Discover native plants with a First Nations guide in Vancouver

Your Talaysay guide-cultural ambassador will share the many stories of this region, as well as the intimate cultural and scientific knowledge of the Northwest coast trees and plants. Still today they continue to gather and harvest these same plants for food, medicine, art and technology.

Explore Oaxaca’s surrounding valleys and craft villages

Visit indigenous markets and craft villages specialized in dying and weaving textiles, as well as black clay pottery, alebrijes (elaborately painted wooden carvings), and embroidery.



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