With secluded mountain lakes, rolling streams and blue ocean expanses, and lodges fishing in the United Sates and Canada is an anglers’ real-life theme park.
Cast out your line and get ready to catch some of the most delicious fish ever (think trout, salmon, catfish and more)

Our Favorite Experiences

Heli-fishing in Alaska

A helicopter fishing trip is a one-of-a-kind way to find the perfect spot to cast your line.  Our remote rivers offer private water and abundant fish—the perfect ingredients for a quintessential Alaskan fishing day.

Stay in a fishing lodge in Canada

Board a seaplane to reach a remote area.  Once the plane lands, get ready to experience fantastic fishing. Fish for huge walleye and northern pike from the sturdy 18’ cedar strip boats.

Catch one of the most sought-after fish in the world

Charter a boat in Florida Keys, this is a paradise if you want to catch blue and white marlin, sailfish and swordfish.

Family Fishing

Martha’s Vineyard is a fantastic island for reeling in fish. We can organize family or friends expedition on a charter boat to chase after bonito and false albacore (known locally as “albies”).

You could even stay on the beach, rent a pole and pull in striped bass in no time.



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