Active and Adventure

We love adventure we love trying new experiences or practicing activities in a new and exciting environment.

We will provide tours where you will be able to unleash your energy and enthusiasm. We have tried to find environment friendly tours so that you can enjoy the natural wonders while preserving the amazing fauna and flora.

We are working with companies that help local communities and use autochthon guides as much as possible

We will make sure that you can do it at your own pace and we can adapt anything!

Our Favorite Experiences

Climb the Via Ferrata in Grand Teton National Park

For an Alpine adventure with an Italian taste. 

It is on a protected trail or climbing route to make passage easier and more secure. Steel cables, handles and ladder rungs are installed in places where the trail steepens.

Helicopter Glacier Dog Sledding

Go Dog Sledding in Alaska on pure white snow even during the summer time. From Mid-May until the end of August, our helicopter dogsledding tour is the best way to experience Alaska’s state sport during the summer.

Safari ‘African style’ in Lamar Valley

In a 4×4 vehicle equipped with roof hatches and sliding windows photo hunt for wolves and bears in the wild.  Depart early morning to increase your chances to catch the sounds of howling wolves.  This is a life transforming experience.

Chasing White Polar Bear & Aurora Bolearis in Manitoba

A rare opportunity to take pictures of polar bears and of the mystical lights.



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