Jewish Heritage

We believe that exploring religious heritage and traditions are very important. We love to plan trips for people who are looking for their family roots. We provide help with local experts at national archives and other local institutions dedicated to genealogy. We have a network of very knowledgeable Jewish guides with access to Jewish sites, such as historic ghettos, synagogues, cemeteries, yeshivas, and mikvehs. We provide meals that reflect religious traditions, such as dining at kosher restaurants or Shabbat meals.

Our Favorite Experiences

Enjoy a tour of Jerusalem with a local and witness how citizens of Jerusalem prepare for Shabbat

Visit the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, designed by American architect Peter Eisenman in Berlin

Visit the Transito Synagogue, was built in 1357, in Toledo

Enjoy the famous Carciofi alla giudia in the Rome Ghetto (“Jewish-style” artichokes are a spring delicacy that are first tenderized until they open up and then deep-fried. Simple, yet delicious)



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