50 states, 50 different places, 50 different culture and heritage, 50 different states of mind!

How many have you been to?  What will be your trip?

From New York to Los Angeles, via the Great National Parks or the Bayous, what is your dream?

Monument Valley Majesty? Manhattan National skyscraper Park? Miami Art Deco? The wilderness of Alaska? The mist of Louisiana? Gambling in Vegas?

Are you in the mood for nature, urban, culture, active, romantic, iconic roads?

Hot dogs, clam shacks, Po’ boy, she-crab soup, Tennessee barbecue, Cuban sandwich?  What is your favorite food?

50 states and thousands of possibilities.

What is on your bucket list?

Check our suggested itineraries and exclusive experiences!




Western National Park, the real adventure

This is the west as you have always pictured it, wide skies, endless horizon, red canyons, deserts, cactuses, horses, giant trees and awe-inspiring rock formations,. 

This is the trip of a life time, the most beautiful road trip you will ever take.  You will be seduced by the diversity of ever changing landscapes.  It will simply be breathtaking!

 These parks are also the most scenic places where to hike, bike, go horseback riding, camp and have some unique outdoor experiences.  

California dreamin’

It was every pioneer dream during California gold rush; it became the cradle of the student uprisings in the 1970s, before turning into the mecca of the pacifist flowery movement of the hippies.

 It became the capital of cinema with Hollywood and movie stars strolling down Sunset Boulevard.

 It is also the place for surfers and skateboarders who invented a unique lifestyle – under the sun, the Pacific Ocean for the horizon.

 California is hip and a land of creative and entrepreneurial effervescence, innovation and the development of a promising « startup scene ». From Goggle to Tesla, this is where it all happens!

 From San Francisco to Los Angeles, embark with your teens on a trip to the State where everything is possible, where any dream can come true. 

 An ideal state for iconic road trips made of incredible scenery, best dining, high-end shopping, fun activities, and beach relaxation.  A summer or winter of love!  It is always a good time to be in California!

Alaska into the wild

The Indian name Aleut « alaxsxaq » means « continent »

Indeed, everything is huge from snowy mountain peaks to immense glaciers stretching as far as the horizon, active volcanoes and without the slightest mark of human presence.

 The state holds an exceptional fauna and flora and the greater concentration of bears (70% of the Ursidae population in country)

 This is an almost virgin territory where man footprint is quasi inexistent and this is rare and precious. 

 Welcome to Alaska, welcome to the last frontier, into uncharted territories!

New England, from ocean to mountains

A trip to New England is a delight for everybody.  You have some many possibilities.

Boston and the coast: American history in Boston, New England seafood, coastal atmosphere  and boats in Cape Cod & Nantucket,  pastoral beauty in The Berkshires, New England is very diverse and will appeal to all kind of travellers.

Maine:  Summers on the coast of Maine are like a trip in time.  It is the ideal place where to slow down, relax, enjoy unspoiled beaches, take long walks in pine forests, and taste great food, and not just lobster!  The coastline is breathtaking and rocky but also offers inviting beaches.  You will fall under the charm of the small villages and quiet harbors full of sailboats and fishing vessels.

Vermont: Gentle rolling hills, bucolic villages, picture perfect farms, apple orchards and of course foliage; Vermont is a place where to enjoy nature and a simple and authentic way of life. It is also an ideal destination for active travellers any time of year, with hiking, boating, biking, Nordic and alpine skiing.

New York, the big apple

There is simply no place in the world as packed with as many attractions and things to do as New York City.

This iconic city has always been admired, staged a thousand times by the best American directors, and never equaled; the big apple fascinates its visitors.

You can go back to New York, season after season, year after year and visit new things each time, taste new food and always have the time of your life.

 We can’t simply list all the attractions, museums, restaurants, the skyscrapers…..

Our aim is to provide first timer trip to New York but above all, new and unusual experiences.

It could be a family trip, a romantic trip, a foodie trip, a shopping trip, a museum trip or an architectural trip; anything is possible in New York!

Wyoming, Yellowstone & Montana, Wild Wild West

This is the rugged and authentic Wild Wild  West, the Rocky Mountains with its peaks, the hilly prairies of Montana, Big Sky Country, the largest National Park of the United States and receding glaciers. 

 This is wilderness with zero trace of civilization for miles and miles and breathtaking nature.  It is like being in the movie by Robert Redford:  “A River Runs Through It”.

 A land of cowboys, rodeos, ranches and wooden lodges where you will find a Far West atmosphere: large armchairs, fabrics with tiles and Indian motifs, wood stoves, and leather stools. 

 A rich fauna and flora, 1,500 native plant varieties in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem, elk, grizzly bears, black bears, bison, wolves, coyotes, eagles, bighorn sheep, osprey can be spotted and photographed. 

 Active geothermal activities with geysers, mud pots, hot springs, and steam vents..  

Colorado & the Rockies The land of the cheyennes

With 300 days of sunshine a year, Colorado is a great state for a road trip and for active travellers. 

You can explore by car, kayak, on a horse, on foot, and even by train.

You will find rolling hills as far as the eyes can see, rivers, waterfalls and vineyards; mountain with snow-capped peaks and pine forests, but also sand dunes and deserts. 

Pacific North East, into the mist

Oregon and Washington State unveil a beautiful coastline and vibrant cities, like avant-garde and bohemian Portland and innovative and attractive Seattle.

Bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Rocky Mountains on the east, this region is well-known for its natural beauty.

Inland there are a succession of grandiose natural parks, renowned vineyards, lakes and volcanic landscapes.  

Florida & the Keys, Tropical paradise

A trip to Florida is great for couples and families alike.

Florida offers amusement parks, national parks, chic cities, Art-deco architecture, luxury stores, trendy bars and restaurants, beautiful beaches with fine sand and crystal clear water.

Louisiana & Mississippi, the old south

A trip to Florida is great for couples and families alike.

Florida offers amusement parks, national parks, chic cities, Art-deco architecture, luxury stores, trendy bars and restaurants, beautiful beaches with fine sand and crystal clear water.  


The Tropical Islands, the ancient Sandwich Islands, as Captain Cook had baptized them, offer a prodigious natural setting.

You will go from rugged mountains to tropical valleys, to lunar landscapes to long beaches fringed with huge waves. 

You will enjoy the marriage of the volcanoes and the ocean

You will escape to the middle of the Pacific in a land that is fascinating and has retained some its Polynesian past and has made the famous Hawaiian culture.

Embrace the inimitable » Aloha State « : Aloha is not just a word to greet your neighbor, it’s a philosophy, a bond to the other, kind and sincere.

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