13 provinces:  a compromise between Europe and North America, an often cold weather outset by a warm welcome, the Indian summers, the whales of the St. Lawrence river, and the wilderness of the Northern territories, a land of contrast, this is Canada! 

From Quebec City, to the bay of Vancouver via the Polar Bears of Manitoba, what is your dream? 

The Turquoise blue waters of Lake Louise? Montreal French immersion? Vancouver Island British influence? The wilderness of Yukon? The giant icebergs of Newfoundland? The vibrant food scene of Toronto?

Are you in the mood for nature, urban, culture, hiking, skiing, dog sledding, sailing? 

Blue berries and mapple syrup pancakes, sugar shacks, bagels, poutine, pate chinois, Sakai Salmon, spot prawns?  What is your favorite food? 

13 provinces and thousands of possibilities.

What is on your bucket list? 

Check our suggested itineraries and exclusive experiences!




British Columbia, super natural

If you like adventure, green forests, wide open spaces, glacial-fed lakes, salmons, grizzly bears and the Pacific Ocean, this is your destination.

 If you are looking for high tea in elegant dining rooms, urban forests, fashion boutiques, great restaurants and beautiful architecture, it will work too!


Alberta, an outdoor wonderland

Breathtaking nature with turquoise lakes and thick forests, mountains and valleys offering pristine landscapes, this is Alberta!

You will also find the last cowboys of Canada with the greatest rodeo on earth held in Calgary in July and villages with a friendly atmosphere..

Eastern & Maritimes Provinces, the flavor of Europe with some icebergs

Atmospheric old towns that will transport you to Europe, bohemian chic neighborhoods to explore, world acclaimed art museums, great indoors and outdoors markets, top notch restaurants, energetic food and wine scene, vibrant street culture, Nordic spas, ski resorts, great lakes,  floating icebergs, these regions have a lot to offer!  

Manitoba, Meet the Polar Bears

Welcome to wide-open spaces, a place where the northern Great Plains meet the southern subarctic boreal forests. 

You will receive a warm welcome and meet beluga whales in the summer and white polar bears during the fall.

Yukon & the Northern Territories, Inuit Land 

Great wilderness, Yukon is 80% virgin territory – 32,000 inhabitants on a land almost as vast as Texas.

The animals are much more numerous: there are 200,000 caribou, 10,000 black bears, 7,000 grizzly bears and 5,000 wolves.

 This is home of the Inuit, Inuvialuit, and northern First Nations peoples like the Dene and a world made of harsh and grandiose landscapes, of immense skies.

 You will encounter coniferous, birch and black poplar forests, fields of ice, huge lakes with turquoise waters filled with fish, high plateaus and wide valleys.

A virgin territory across the arctic tundra, taiga, and ghost villages: the last frontier.  

Ontario, the Capital

Ontario will give you the opportunity to mix urban culture with nature  

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