72 hours in style

26 cities in Style & some long weekends

Find the right one for you according to the season, the occasion, your tastes or simply your mood!

Some of them can even be combined!

We have named a few possibilities below, check them all one by one and decide what your next destination is going to be!

26 possible museums
From the Guggenheim in New York to the Broad in Los Angeles to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston

26 possible atmospheres
From the fishing pier of Portland to the skyscrapers of New York to the underground world of Montreal

26 possible food tastings
From the famous Philadelphia cheese steak sandwich, to Mexico City Al Pastor tacos to Nasville soul food.

26 possible shopping experiences
From the Mexico City artisan markets, to Chicago high-end shopping to the art galleries of Santa Fe

26 possible architectural discoveries
From the Art Deco buildings of Miami, to the adobe constructions of Santa Fe to the Victorian houses of San Francisco or Victoria. 

26 possible activities
From a biking tour in Denver to a kayak tour in Washington DC to a hike on the Chugach Mountains from Anchorage

26 possible music environments
From the jazz clubs of New Orleans, to the Cuban cafes of Miami to the countryside music bars of Nashville

26 cultural immersions
From a walk in Stanley Park in Vancouver with a First Nations guide to a visit of the oldest synagogue building in North America in Newport to the discovery of the oldest Chinatown in Victoria


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