We want to offer a new vision on North America. A vision from foreigners who have lived on this continent longer than in their home land and have fallen in love with its richness and diversity.

We want to promote authentic activities and eco-tourism experiences.

We want our travellers to reconnect with aboriginal cultural and history and the incredible nature, fauna and flora of ­this vast continent.

We want to offer sustainable accommodations, private and unique space.  It can be sleeping under the stars or in a fishing lodge.

We want our travellers to taste the incredibly rich and various north American cuisine.

Above all, we want our travellers to have fun, to be surprised and to rediscover their own continent. We want them to come back home with a new sense of identity. 

All our tours are A LA CARTE  because each travel is different and each traveller has a different dream.  

We will provide  a life changing experience and not just a journey. 

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