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Clients from LBAC Travel

We’re finally easing back into the real world today after a WONDERFUL honeymoon. We just wanted to say thank you SO much for all of your help planning the most perfect vacation we could have imagined. All of the drivers/tour guides were so friendly and prompt and the activities were awesome. Everything ran smoothly and it was so nice not having to worry about anything after planning such a big wedding!

All of the activities were great – the cooking class was private, which we didn’t realize it would be, and it was amazing. Such an authentic experience.

Thank you again for the trip of a lifetime – we’ll definitely be in touch in the future as we plan our next vacation, which will hopefully be soon because we are so ready to do it all again! 🙂

From Elegant Escapes

Hi Magali! I think this is the only trip in 5 years were Mrs.D has been gone for over 2 weeks and I haven’t heard a word. Thank you so much! I knew you and your suppliers and your Rockstar crew would create an amazing experience for her.

Clients from Kaitlin Travel

We cannot thank you enough for your superb planning.  The trip was a resounding success: and it was your efforts that made it so. 

From Interworld Travel & Tours

Good afternoon Magali and staff:
I just got off the phone from speaking to my clients  and I wanted to share with you on their comments: ‘In all the years and miles they have travelled, they have never in their life experienced a more wonderful trip with all the arrangements that I made for them. It was cute when she said: ‘Did you notice I never used the word “but”!  Because, we have none to say about anything.  You have won over our hearts and you should expect to be busy next year because we have friends in Nevada, Arizona, Texas, North Carolina and Florida that really need someone like you.  We can’t thank you enough!’
However, I wouldn’t have received these accolades if I would have been working with anyone else than Essential Europe/Americas.  

Clients from World Passages

Just wanted to let you know these clients were so happy with all the arrangements.  Everything went like clockwork and people went out of their way to help.  They loved all the tours and hotels. Thanks to you & your team for making me look good!

Clients from Travel Experts

Thank you for all of your assistance with our trip.  We returned on Friday and we had the time of our lives. We especially enjoyed all of the private tours and drivers that you arranged. Everyone we interacted with was professional and knowledgeable. It is something that we plan to do for all future trips. 

From Travel Made Special LLC

My client sent me a photo of them during a hike in a scenic mountain range. She said they has a “super fantastic and amazing trip!” Well done to you and your team and your respective suppliers. 
Thank you VERY much for their seamless vacations! lso enjoyed Spain. Yay!

Clients from Kaitlin Travel

Thank you so much for arranging a wonderful trip for Karen and me.  We thought it would be good, but it was much better than that.  The hotels were terrific, the transfers smooth, the guides were well informed and articulate, etc.  We enjoyed it all thanks to your help.  We were sorry to see the trip end.

From Camelback Odyssée Travel

 Just talked with Sandi. They had a wonderful time and the guides were fantastic. They loved their trip. Thanks for all your help.  Sue and Betsy  



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