We have been in the industry for over 30 years. As Europeans living in North America we anticipate your client’s needs. We specialize in what we know best: experiential travel with a cultural and insider focus. Our exclusive partnership with our travel agents has been an integral part of our success and we are grateful for their support.
We love North America and love what we do. We are a full service tour operator capable of helping your clients with any travel arrangement in the US, Canada and Mexico, be it a simple airport transfer, a customized vacation to the National State Parks, a foodie weekend in Mexico city or an active trip in Alaska.
We offer quality, value not discount.  We want their trip to be simply amazing.
Do not hesitate to call our toll free number even if you just have a question about North America that no one can seem to answer or have your travel agent contact us.


A la carte

Your vacation is designed by a team who knows the unique characteristics of each destination intimately, allowing us to create a one-of-a-kind itinary to meet your needs.

Range of services

We handle every destination as well as every component of the trip from transportation to luxury villas to shared or private tours including: wine tastings, cooking classes and biking tours. We cater to individual travelers, families and small or large groups.

24/7 Support

We offer emergency assistance for your clients 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So your clients will never be alone if anything happens.


Magali Chisholm


I came to the US when I was 14 years old.  My first encounter with the country was in Colorado, in Fort Collins.  I spent 2 months with a family.  My English was not that good, but they were so nice and so welcoming that I had a blast.  They took me around Colorado, from Mesa Verde to Durango to Great Sand Dunes.  I came back year after year.  I studied in UCSD, in La Jolla, which is certainly one of the most beautiful spots on earth.  I went back to Paris and worked in the fashion industry for a while and was always in touch with the US for my job.  I was lucky enough to do a 2 months road trip through all the great parks of the west between two jobs.  I ended up in the tourism industry and only worked with the US market so every three months, I was going from NYC, to Philadelphia, Miami, Dallas, LA and Seattle.  I then met my husband in New York (yes, it was a professional meeting that changed my life!) and never returned to Europe, except for holidays. I can almost say, I’ve been everywhere, man!  There are very few states where I have not set foot!

3 Favorite destinations in North America

New York, because this is where I met my husband but also because I love cities and NYC is the CITY!

Santa Monica, because I fell in love with the Pacific Ocean.  There is something magic about the sunset from a rooftop terrace in Santa Monica!

Utah, sleeping in Zion is a moving experience!

3 Favorite food experience in North America

Eating a crab sandwich in a New England clam shack in Maine

Having afternoon tea in Victoria island

Eating tacos Al Pastor in Mexico City

Famous words to live by

‘Never give up’

Top 3 destinations on my bucket list:

Fogo Island, walk part of the Pacific Crest Trail, go to Churchill to see the Polar Bears

Kim Chisholm

Vice-President / Sales Executive

I was born in Paris but moved to Massachusetts when I was 6 months old.  I lived in Andover, near Boston, until I was twelve and my parents divorced.  I followed my mother in Paris.

I returned to the US when I was 21 years old and started working for the French Government Tourist Office promoting France.  I then moved to San Francisco and returned to New York after a couple of years and become the Marketing Director for Maison de la France.  I travelled extensively in the US  for leisure and business.  I conducted travel agents seminar series and some trade shows.  

3 Favorite destinations in North America

San Francisco for the cool Pacific nights, the smell of eucalyptus, the western & Victorian architecture and the variety of surrounding landscapes

New York City because it is a big village, we all like to call home, once you get to know it

Portland Maine for its Atlantic breeze, screaming seagulls and amazing restaurants scene

3 Favorite food experience in North America

She crab soup in Charleston

Fried clam bellies in New England

Oyster Po’ boy sandwich in New Orleans

Famous words to live by

‘On the road again….raod trip’

Top 3 destinations on my bucket list

Montana, Yucatan, Banff

Raphaëlle Deleersnyder

Office Manager 

3 Favorite destinations in North America

Gaspesie in Quebec for its beautiful landsacapes 

Vancouver for the mix between ocean and mountains

Boston for the vibes of that city 

3 Favorite food experience in North America

Lobster rolls in New Brunswick and Prince Edwards Islands

Sugar shacks in Quebec during the sugar season in March/April 

Famous words to live by

‘Live your dreams, don’t dream your life’

Top 3 destinations on my bucket list:

California, Louisiana and Vancouver Island 




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